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Philosophy is an interesting, stimulating, charming matter. 
You can study it and writing about it in a playful manner too, 
because playing is not banalizing. 
This web site intend to be simple and joyful, being, at the same time, deep and rigorous.




environmental philosophy is?

Environmental philosophy deals with ideas and opinions that man developed and develops regard his relationships with the environment and, in particular, the natural world.

Restrictively it studies what the humans think about nature, in a general sense of great concern are:

  •  Science and ecology: they are sources of knowledge about natural laws and relationships between living organisms and their environment;

  •  Environmental ethics: the moral behaviour of man facing the natural world (animal ethics, ecosystems ethics, etc.);

  •  Environmental politics: theory and practical relationships between Nations (and citizens) and natural environment;

  •  Environmental theology: relationships between man-gods-nature;

  •  And also … everything about man and nature relationship, living organisms and nature.

This is a central question. What is our place in nature?

And, possibly: ... What is our role?


About this web site



Italian words “filosofia ambientale” mean environmental philosophy. www.filosofia-ambientale.it is the first Italian web site entirely devoted to environmental philosophy. It was born on January the 23rd, 2001. To obtain a continuous improvement it is up-to-date monthly.

In the North Europe and in the Anglo-Saxon world, environmental philosophy is of great concern. In Italy it is a little bit late. The aim of this web site is to divulge it and to discuss about it.

In its pages it is possible to find articles, references, reviews, links, quotations, and other paper linked to environmental philosophy.

This web site collects and publishes articles, reviews etc..

Please send them to: info@filosofia-ambientale.it 

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